John Deere 5045 fuel filter problem

John Deere 5045 fuel filter problem Problems

It seems that my John Deere 5045 tractor has a problem with the fuel filter. He was cutting bushes. After 50 minutes of such work, my tractor’s engine began to randomly lose speed and power. Now I am going to completely remove the fuel from the tank and inspect the fuel filter, as well as clean and replace it. Also, I want to remove the fuel filter from the tank and install the built-in filter. What are the disadvantages in this case? I just think that in the future it will be much easier to replace the filter than to deal with the filter in the tank.

It is recommended to remove the strainer and install the built-in filter. The filter in the tank has a very small surface area on the screen and is clogged with a small amount of debris. The built-in filter is reliable and easy to maintain, as long as you have a very clean fuel. So there shouldn’t be any problem, but we all know that some dirt gets into the fuel somehow.

You also have to follow the fuel line from that strainer to the lift pump, looking for cracks / dry rot. Our 5045E tractor did the same, and the first place I looked was in the strainer. It had residue, but cleaning it didn’t stop the tractor from losing power / shutting down. Later, I found numerous spots in the fuel line where it was losing suction through cracks. I replaced the line, and it has worked perfectly ever since – almost 2 years. This is a common problem on John Deere tractors, the cracked rubber fuel line.

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