John Deere 5045 Losing Power

John Deere 5045 Losing Power Problems

John Deere 5045 Losing Power.

My John Deere 5045 utility tractor drove fine for a while and then lost RPM and power. Then the power would come back on, and then off. I changed the fuel filter. The problem did not go away.

The fuel filter at the bottom of the fuel tank is clogged. If you have this problem then it is probably a clogged screen where the fuel line exits the tank.

There is a fuel cock at the bottom of the fuel tank, behind the PTO lever. If you remove the fuel hose, you should see the diesel gush out. In my case, it spurted. So I asked my brother for help. I unscrewed the stopcock (by hand), and made my brother cover the hole with his finger (to prevent the diesel from coming out). Then I cleaned it with an air compressor. It is done.

The field repair option is to use a can of carb cleaner to clean it, or any pressurized can of something that evaporates.

By the way a fuel filter is 25-35 dollars. Cleaning the screen is free. It was time to change the fuel filter (430 hours) but if I had cleaned the screen first I would not have wasted the money today.

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