John Deere 5045 Problem: Engine Turns Over But Won’t Start

John Deere 5045 Problem Engine Turns Over But Wont Start Problems

John Deere 5045 Problem: Engine Turns Over But Won’t Start.

This is a rarity for me. My John Deere 5045 Tractor suddenly started displaying this behavior. I turn the key and it acts normally and the starter cranks the engine smoothly, but it never starts.

If your engine cranks but can’t get enough power to start, there are two main problems to look for and both are fuel related.

First, check the fuel filter and the fuel lines leading from the tank to the engine. A clogged fuel filter or fuel lines can prevent diesel from getting where it needs to go, choking your engine’s power supply. Cleaning or replacing the fuel filter is usually all that is necessary to remove the clog.

The other fuel-related problem could be the fuel control lever on the engine itself. If it is clogged, it will prevent fuel from reaching the engine even though the fuel filter is clean. First, determine why it is stuck. If it still moves, consider spraying moving parts with lubricating oil to get it moving again.

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