John Deere 5045 starting problems

John Deere 5045 starting problems Problems

John Deere 5045 starting problems.

The engine of the John Deere 5045 tractor does not start. The lights light up, but the engine does not rotate. Checked the fuses, the 10-ampere boot relay fuse has been melted, I have replaced it and it has been melted as soon as I turned the key. Why does not the engine start? How can I fix the fault?

The problem may be the thermistor sensor (thermistors are variable temperature resistors that are used as sensors). In the thermostat housing there is a sensor that is connected to a two-wire harness that goes to the injection pump; This is the part of “cold start advance” of the system, so it starts more easily when it is cold advancing synchronization.

When the sensor of the thermostat housing fails, it is short circuited and the fuse is melted. Try disconnecting it, replaces the fuse and look if it starts and works. The part number is RE503242, if you are changing rapidly, you do not have to drain the refrigerant, just make sure it is not hot at the moment. You will want a tray under the tractor to pick up the refrigerant, so as not to have to clean it.

To comply with the regulation of exhaust gas emissions, the synchronization of the injection pump must be about 6 to 9 degrees before the neutral point. These timing values do not allow proper start-up operations when engine is cold. To facilitate motor startup, a cold forward system gives the injection pump a temporary over-timing.

When the refrigerant temperature is less than 50 C (122 F), the solenoid valve is activated and opens the cold forward circuit.

Look up the part on John Deere. How the part look is shown in the photo.

John Deere 5045 e starting problems parts
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