John Deere 5045 Tire Pressure Problem

John Deere 5045 Tire Pressure Problem Problems

My John Deere 5045e tractor has constantly flat rear tires. I have to pump them up several times a day, and I’m pretty tired of it already. Tell me how to solve this problem and advise me how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Driving on insufficiently inflated tires is dangerous. Insufficient tire pressure is one of the main reasons for their rapid wear. If the tire pressure is too low, most of the tire surface will come into contact with the road, which increases friction and leads to overheating of the tires. This causes premature wear, which often leads to the separation of the tread and breakdowns.

The technical condition of the tires also affects the tractor’s coupling and traction qualities, its patency and characteristics, as well as fuel consumption. Therefore, it can be stated that the tires largely determine the productive and economical operation of the tractor. In addition, tires are expensive and wear-resistant components of the tractor, the price of which is about 12% of the cost of the tractor itself. During the entire operating period of the tractor, its tires are changed 3-4 times, therefore the running cost of the tires is about 20% of the total operating volume of the tractor. Therefore, in order to avoid rapid tire wear, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • depending on the working conditions and tractor loads, strictly observe the internal tire pressure regulations;
  • do not park the John Deere 5045 tractor in places contaminated with petroleum products;
  • when driving at high speeds, check if the tractor pulls sideways. If this happens, stop the tractor and inflate the tire with less pressure;
  • while driving the tractor, try to avoid sudden braking, which causes the wheels to spin, as well as prolonged wheel slip;
  • check and adjust the camber of the wheels.the front wheels in a timely manner;
  • turn off the front axle on dry roads for 4WD models.
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