John Deere 5045 tractor does not start, fuse blows out

John Deere 5045 tractor does not start fuse blows out Problems

I have a John Deere 5045 tractor in use. Everything was going well until the following things started to happen to him: the fuse blows when turning the key to start!

Maybe you have a shorted sensor or bad fuel shutoff relay, but could you share which fuse is blowing and what size fuse is? When my John Deere 5310 was doing this I think I located it on the water temp sensor. Sensor power was daisy-chaining from the injector pump fuel valve and was blowing the fuel cutoff fuse. The first time the same fuse blew the relay was bad.

John Deere 5045 Tractor Fuse
John Deere 5045 Tractor Fuse

Disconnect the sensor (key 2) and replace the blown fuse and try to start the engine. If the engine starts, you have located the electrical problem. The engine will work fine with the sensor disconnected. There must be many 1000 hits on Google about this same type of sensor failing because a similar sensor has been failing since the late 90s.

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