John Deere 5045e 2WD tractor: problems with choosing a loader

John Deere 5045e 2WD tractor problems with choosing a loader Problems

I have a John Deere 5045E 2WD tractor and now I would like to buy a loader. I would prefer a 512, but they seem to be hard to find. Should there be an older model of loader that can fit?

Which loader to fit depends on the exact tractor you have, as the mounting brackets are specific to a certain era and tractor series. The loader can fit many different tractors, but the mounting brackets will be slightly different to allow this to happen. New loaders are often available with mounting brackets for current tractors and those manufactured in the last 20-30 years. Older loaders cannot be retrofitted with factory parts to newer tractors in most cases as the mounting brackets will not fit.

For example, the mounting brackets for the 512 loader are different between Tier 3 5E (2008-13) and Tier 4 5E (2014+), as the bolt holes are slightly different.

The John Deere 5045E 2WD is a Tier 4 machine so you will only be able to use the 512 or 520M loaders unless you build your own stand to use older loaders. Alternatively, you could also use an aftermarket charger such as a Westendorf, Woods, etc. if you can’t get a Deere charger.

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