John Deere 5045E Tractor Attachments for More Efficiency and Versatility

John Deere 5045E Tractor Attachments for More Efficiency and Versatility Blog

The John Deere 5045e is one of the most powerful tractors in the 5e series, but did you know there are a number of add-ons for this machine? With the accessories of John Deere 5045E, you can improve the versatility of your tractor to face any challenge at work.

Let’s look at some of the accessories you can consider for your tractor.

Rear Axles

The 5045E has been designed to accommodate an extension of the 1.2-inch rear axle, 1.6 inches and 4.4 inches. With an extension, operators can achieve broader settings of the shaft rolling band as necessary.

Engine Attachments

A 120 volt screwed item can be used to heat the coolant and the parts of the engine in cold weather. As a result, operators can avoid slow starts and reduce engine wear. A horizontal exhaust kit can also be used in low-rise situations, and is compatible with Tier 4 final emissions.


In this tractor you can use the conversion bushings of the central arm and shooting (CAT. II to CAT. I). This allows the use of more John Deere 5045E implements.


A displaced shooting bar can be used on this tractor with large or small diameter tires to raise or lower the height of the shooting bar. Operators can also invest in a fork kit for the shooting bar (straight or displaced) to allow a quick and safe hitch of several John Deere 5045E implements.


In the John Deere 5045E, a selective control valve (SCV) can be implemented 24 medium mounting with control lever control for optimal control. A second rear selective control valve can also be used with retained float and lever control.

Rear Work Light

One of the accessories of John Deere 5045E that operators can consider is the auxiliary rear work lights kit, especially if they work outside hours. It comes with a halogen flood light of 37.5 watts that is adjustable for specific needs. It illuminates the back of the tractor, and the bulb can be replaced quickly when necessary.

Front Utility Box

This front toolbox has two removable shelves and a more comfortable front door and lid design. Everything from the grease guns to the trailer chains, can be saved in this box to facilitate its transport.


Front and rear weights of 95 pounds can be used at John Deere 5045E for more stability as needed at work.

If you have any questions about the John Deere 5045E implements, please contact your John Deere local dealer.

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