John Deere 5045e Transmission Problems: diagnostics and fix

John Deere 5045e Transmission Problems diagnostics and fix Problems

I have a new John Deere 5045e with 26 hrs. The tractor starts and runs fine, but the neutral light just blinks and doesn’t go into gear. It has a gear lever on the column. Also, the PTO button does not connect to the PTO. Can anyone shed light on what to look at?

A blinking neutral light sometimes means that the power inverter tried to change gear but failed. If this is the case, put the inverter in neutral and try again. If this does not work, put the inverter in neutral, turn off the tractor, start the tractor, and retest the inverter. (Make sure the range is selected in a range (not in neutral) and that the gear selector is in gear (not in neutral or park)).

If you try this and the gear reverser still doesn’t work, intermittent neutral is likely indicating that the transmission (not the engine) is throwing a code. The reasons for this are possibly numerous, from the power inverter switch itself, to a relay or wiring, or even low hydraulic fluid pressure due to a plugged or low level filter.

In regards to its PTO, it appears that some permissiveness is not being met, and it may be related to the problem above, although I cannot immediately establish the connection between the two. It is not uncommon for these tractors to do what you describe if the lever you select between positions 540 and 540E is stuck midway or was not fully engaged in either position … so check your PTO lever ( not the button) to ensure that it is fully engaged in either position. Sometimes it takes force to pull or push the lever into position and it could be that it was not quite in position and then jumped when hitting a bump or something. This is just a guess.

If there are other solutions to John Deere 5045e transmission problems, write in the comments.

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