John Deere 5045E won’t start

John Deere 5045E wont start Problems

I have a John Deere 5045E from 2013 with about 2300 hours of use that has had starting problems. Starts, but no smoke comes out of the chimney. I have drained all the fuel and refilled with new diesel, cleaned the fuel tank filter, replaced the water separator and I can tell that it is getting fuel to the injector pump. All the fuses seem fine and I suspect at this point it’s a bad fuel cut solenoid, but I can’t figure out where exactly it is or how to check. Does anyone know how to test the solenoid or have any other suggestions?

As the tractor starts, the cold start sensor is not the problem. Make sure the shutdown solenoid is receiving power first. If so, the next step is to remove the fitting at the top of the pump. I mean remove it all the way down to the threaded hole in the case. The pump appears to me to be a Roosa Master type pump. Try to start the tractor. The fuel will come out of the hole, hose it to a bucket. if it starts then your problem is clogged fuel return or pump going south internally. If it still doesn’t start. Take out the top of the pump case and find the rack and solenoid. Make sure you are free to move. You will have to find a photo / diagram to go further.

Use a test light or voltmeter to check for voltage across the shutoff solenoid. You can try connecting a jumper wire to the solenoid to see if it starts then. Connect one end to the positive battery terminal and the other end to the solenoid terminal. If hot sparks occur when plugging in, there is a short somewhere. Disconnect the cold start sensor and try again. You should only get a slight spark when the connection is made. If you get a slight spark, try starting with the key to see if it starts with the jumper connected.

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